Our Forte

Business Consulting

Insights on your business that are usually overlooked from inside. We provide in-depth analysis of your business and help you take it to the next level by applying effective principles and new methodologies.

Talent Management Solutions

We help organisations and businesses rise above the rest through innovative and practical interventions, keeping your team up to date with the latest trends and knowledge to help achieve an organisational growth and goals.

Talent Acquisition

We help you find and acquire skilled work force. Our acquisition team is highly effective in screening applicants as per the any organisations specific requirements……….

Coaching & Mentoring

It is crucial for any individual to connect with their goals for a fulfilling career path. We connect individuals with the careers of their interest, helping them and the organisation grow in unison.

Other Initiatives

Youth Programs

We believe that youth is a very important aspect of every organisation, be it education, social or the corporate world. We conduct programs and workshops focused at developing a vision and directing them towards a constructive future. Students can participate and earn credits based on evaluation post every session.

Social Impact Activities

We conduct voluntary programs aimed at creating social awareness in the society about issues and how corrective measures can help reduce the damage. Students can participate and contribute towards betterment of the society by devoting their spare time from their weekly schedule.


Vishal Lad

Owner Kala Fabs

Swati Nayak

HR Professional

Shrivallabh Dubhashy

Owner Technal Engineers

Preston Cardoso

Civil Engineer